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21 October 2010 @ 10:56 pm
 Hey guys!

I just wanted to drop in and say that the community is NOT dead - the intention to start up Round 2 is there and I fully plan on following through with it. I know I said it would be kicking off again in September, but something COMPLETELY unexpected came about after Dragon*Con that has taken A LOT of my focus and mental will... And I think it's best to wait until after that issue is all sorted out before we get going again with Round 2. 

I apologize for all of this. Really. This is definitely not how I wanted things to be going with this comm at this point. 

If there's anyone seeing dear Shanks this weekend in New Zealand, hope you have a very enjoyable time (hard not to when that man is around!). I've already got enough minions telling him hi for me, so I won't mention it here. ;P

Anywho, keep your eyes open for another announcement. Hopefully this issue I'm dealing with gets sorted soon and we can get going with Round 2 (again and FINALLY)
13 July 2010 @ 11:39 pm
 Okay, due to both a lack of participants and a looming insane schedule on my part, I have come to a decision.

I have decided that Round 2 will be postponed and pushed back until AFTER the next several hectic weeks are over with. Dealing with a LIMS community that there seems to be minimal interest in at the moment doesn't have a place in my upcoming busy schedule. So I'm getting it out of the way for the time being. 

All who have already signed up for Round 2 will remain on the participants list and I will be leaving sign ups open through the duration of this postponement. If, when announcements go out that Round 2 will be coming back, you do not wish to or do not have the time to participate anymore, it is fine if you pull out. 

Will also be working on getting all the caps up for every challenge in the 'break' time so if you are so inclined, you can start making icons. 

I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. I really wanted to have Round 2 going by this point, but that just never happened. 

Participant increase or not, Round 2 will go on. Whether we get more people to sign up or not, I will run the Round as soon as my schedule will permit. 

Keep an eye out for announcements when Round 2 will be going active again. Thinking sometime in September, after the worst of the busyness as died down. 
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05 July 2010 @ 05:23 pm
 Okay, due to both extreme busyness the past weeks AND a pitiful lack of people signing up for Round 2, I've decided to push the sign-up deadline/round startup back a week. 

I'm hoping an extra week will prompt all of you (that being people who have signed up and those who haven't and are just lurking) to spread the word about the sign ups and try and get more people coming on board for this round. As it is, I only have 5 participants listed. 

Also, the extra week will give me and the fellow mods time to start collecting caps for themes (again, apologies for being so behind on all of this). Many thanks to those of you who suggested wonderful theme ideas. I will be using all of them, as well as coming up with some others. 

HOPEFULLY all this work I plan to do will not be in vain and we get an inflow of participants with this extra time. 

If not, I will be at a loss about what to do as well as be very, very sad. 

PLEASE, spread the word about Round 2 Sign Ups!!!
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17 June 2010 @ 10:40 pm
 Okay, so now that I'm like a month and a half behind my original planned starting time for Round 2, lets see if we can get this ball rolling and make this community all lively again! XD

Please, all members/participants read this update in its entirety. Several important things will be mentioned.


~ First off, Round 2 Sign Ups are officially open, so go ahead and put your name in if you haven't done so already. The 'preset deadline' for sign ups is July 5th by 11 PM EST (Time converter will be provided at the end of this post!), but as before if you sign up before the end of the first challenge than all is good. Just remember that you MUST sign up for the Round before we will accept any entry. 

Also, don't forget to pimp out the latest Round and earn your second skip. Here's a lovely premade pimp button to use is you are so inclined:


Just make sure you do all your signing up and pimp post showing in the Sign Up post please!


~ Do to personal circumstances which I will not get into, shanks_lims  has had a few changes in moderators. Besides me (yes, you are still stuck with annoying ol' me!), your current mods are:


If, for whatever reason, you are having trouble getting in touch with me directly, please feel free to direct your inquiries to them. 


~ Also due to the same changes, I am in desperate need of some banner makers for Round 2. If you are feeling up to the task of helping me with the burden, please go to the Banner Makers post and let me know!


~ Make sure you check out the post on Theme Submissions. We are going to you, our participants, to see what sorts of themes you'd like to see this Round. Didn't see enough of (or too much of) a specific Shanks' work? Now is your chance to have some say in what sorts of images are used in the challenges! 


~ Thanks to a wonderful suggestion from antares04a , the way Round 2 will play out is slightly different from how it did in Round 1. The details on that will be posted the closer we get to the official start time of the Round, but I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that things will be happening a little differently (and I think many of you will like the change).


~ Don't forget to check out all the links posted in the sidebar to your right. We are always on the look out for new affiliates, volunteers, donations, etc!


If you have any questions about anything mentioned in this Latest News Update, please do not hesitate to comment and ask. 

And as mentioned, a Time Zone Converter should you require it!
17 June 2010 @ 10:28 pm
 Due to many things, I have been unable to find the time to plan specific themes for Round 2. So I am opening the floor up to all of you who probably take the most interest in the 'themes' being used. 

Here, you can make a submission for a certain theme (some of the examples of themes from the last round are Archaeology is Sexy and Badass Baddies) - it can include many of Shanks' works, or possibly just be focused on a single character. Thought we didn't have enough (or maybe too much) Daniel Jackson last round? Then come up with a themr that incorporates more (or less) of the character. Didn't think a movie was properly covered?? Wanted to see more 'personal' pictures used in the themes (as in less screencaps of the work he's been in)?? Then please, give us suggestions. We are here to help and support you guys, the participants. And your feedback/support is what keeps this comm going. 

You do not have to provide any caps/images for this. All you are doing is coming up with the themes - we will hunt down the appropriate images to fit the criteria (Though if you WISH to provide specific images, then by all means go ahead!)

If I get many theme submissions, any 'left over' themes after the number of challenges has been determined (goal is ten, as last round) will be carried over into Round 3. Likewise, if we don't get enough (or gods forbid, ANY) submission, we will obviously have to come up with some on our own again. They might not be as 'creative' as before, but they WILL be provided in time for the start of Round 2.

Just a final note: Please keep in mind that not all pictures out there are available for use. Though this is a small community in the grand scheme of things, and I'm sure just USING all easily found pictures wouldn't cause too much of a backlash, there is a personal code I stick to about using images. All images used in the challenges are used with permission or are taken from a website that has made it known public use is alright. We do not use pictures taken from MSOL in our challenges, so please don't just go there and start building challenges around those, or start providing us pictures from the site (and trust me, I am well aware of what pictures come from MSOL). Also, PLEASE do not hotlink!

17 June 2010 @ 09:56 pm
It's finally that time! Round 2 is upon the horizon, with a start date set for JULY 6th.

All who wish to participate in Round 2, please comment here by Monday, July 5th at 11 PM EST. The rules for participating (which I very much recommend you read if you are unfamiliar with them) can the be found in the Comm Profile. All who wish to participate in the first challenge MUST sign up before submitting an entry, though sign-ups will remain open through the end of the first challenge.

Signing up automatically earns you one skip. If you wish to gain another (and I've found having two really is a lovely 'security blanket' for those last minute can't enter moments), you can do so by promoting the community in your personal journal or in another community (with permission/allowance of course!). Just make sure you comment here with a link to your pimp so you can receive that extra skip. 

If you wish, you can use this graphic in your promoting:


Note: Due to some changes in 'staff' around here, I will once again be sitting the round out.


1. milanthruil   2 skips
2. antares04a  2 skips
3. lorien_79  1 skip
4. perpetuality1  2 skips
5. misshapenmuse  1 skip
14 May 2010 @ 02:43 pm
 Just wanted to let you all know that this lovely comm isn't dead - I'm planning on starting the preliminary gathering of materials for Round 2 in the next coming days. Things just got a bit hectic with the end of the semester and everything. 

Hope you all are doing well and have been enjoying Shanks in all that he's appeared in (both on TV and at several recent conventions!)
29 March 2010 @ 06:21 pm
 So here's all the remaining banners. They're for Challenge 1.06, the Semi-Finals, and the Final round stuff.

BannersCollapse )

Congratz to all the winners once again! It was a fun round, and hope to see you all back for Round 2.
25 March 2010 @ 11:16 pm
Make a few icons before you decided on the perfect one for submitting?? Wanna share them with your fellow Shanks fans??

This is the place to do it. Go ahead and post them here, along with your submitted icon. It's a good way to get feedback on work you weren't able to submit for the challenge.